Convenor: Betty Wade 705-292-5024

4 3 2 1 Thursday mornings

Just a few points to get you started.  Remember, many of your fellow bowlers have been playing this game for years and will be happy to assist you at any time.  Everyone was new once.  Do not be afraid to ask - this is a fun league.


  1. In 4-3-2-1, you play as an individual, not on a team.  You will be given a score card to keep your own score.  Please put your name on it and please hand it in at the end of the morning.

  2. The score card will indicate your rink number (where you play) and your sequence number (the order in which you play the first end).

  3. There will be four players on your rink.  Each player will roll 4 bowls in sequence as per the order on the score cards.  In subsequent ends, the bowler who scored the closest bowl, 4 points, will begin the next end.  The bowler with the lowest score will set the jack distance.

  4. The object of the game is to be the closest to the jack after the 16 bowls have been rolled.  It is possible to move another player's bowl or the jack with your bowl.  However, this is basically a draw game where the object is to roll closest to the jack.

  5. At the completion of an end, the bowl closest to the jack scores 4 points, the next is 3 points, the next is 2 points and the fourth closest is 1 point.  The remaining 12 bowls count zero.  

  6. You will play four ends in this manner and then total your score.  The total of the four players score should add up to 40.  By checking this total, scoring and/or addition errors are ususally discovered and corrected.  The player with the highest score will move to the left to the next rink.  The incoming player will bowl first.  Another four ends will be played with the new player in the foursome.  After the second set of four ends has been played, the highest score will move left to the next rink.  Continue playing a third round of four ends.  Total your score for the three games or 12 ends and hand in your score card with you name on it.

  7. Throughout the season the accumulated totals will be posted on the Clubhouse Scoring Bulletin Board and on this website.  At the end of each schedule, three players with the highest accumulated score will be recognized.  They will receive prizes at the Annual Banquet in October.  To be eligible as the Top Player, you can have a maximum of two spares per schedule.  There will be one discarded score per schedule.

  8. There will be two schedules with 8 games in each schedule.  Games start promptly at 9:30.  Players should arrive no later than 9:15 to set up equipment and allow the convenor ample time to set up the rinks.

  9. When the Club has a Tournament scheduled for a Thursday, the 4-3-2-1 will be moved to Wednesday morning at the usual time.

  10. The leading edgeof the mat is always placed 2 metres from the ditch.  No more, no less.  If you knock the jack out of bounds, you score zero and each of the other players will score 3 points.

  11. If you have a team of only three players.  After rolling 12 bowls, the nearest is 4 points, the next is 3 points and the third is 1 point.  There is no 2 point award.