Message to our Members


Dear Members,

We hope that you are all keeping safe and are enjoying the nice weather.  The Board met on Tuesday , June 23 to discuss the re-opening of our club.  On June 7, the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA) sanctioned the re-opening of clubs for Return to Play ( RTP) - Phase 1 (practice and training only), providing clubs comply with the RTP- Phase 1 protocols and permission is obtained from provincial and municipal authorities. There are strict protocols that must be adhered to by the club and its members in order to keep everyone safe. Outlined below is an overview of what will be expected of bowlers during Phase 1 RTP.

Bowlers Expectations:

1. Bowlers must sign a waiver prior to their first session.
2. Bowlers must do their own pre-screening and submit a declaration prior to each session that they have done so.

3. Bowlers must practice physical distancing and maintain a minimum of 2 metres from each other at all times (unless they are from the same household).

4. Bowlers must stick to their assigned rink and not approach other bowlers.
5. Bowlers must schedule their session in advance. The use of a rink will be limited to 2 people (unless they are from the same household).

6. Bowlers must use their own bowls. Members who do not have bowls will be assigned a set of club bowls for the season at a cost of $25.00.
7. Bowlers must not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled session.
8. Bowlers must leave the premises at the end of their session.

Use of Club Equipment/Property:

- Bowlers will not have access to the clubhouse and shed (including the use of washrooms).

- Bowlers will be provided with two jacks for each session.  Only one person should handle the jacks (unless they are from the same household).

- Use of club rakes and mats are not permitted. You may bring your own towel to use instead of a mat.

- Use of benches on the property is not permitted. 


We realize that all of this is overwhelming and complicated. But despite this, we hope that you will consider participating in Phase 1. This is an opportunity to get some healthy outdoor activity, to hone up on your bowling skills and receive some one on one coaching. The greens are in great shape. Louise Church, our greenskeeper, along with volunteers have spent many hours preparing the greens for the reopening of our club. The member's fee this year will be $100.00.  For those of you who do not wish to participate, we ask that you contribute $25.00 towards this season (equivalent to our social fee). All fees received by our members will help defray the cost of maintaining the grounds. 


As part of the RTP protocols, we are required to have designated individuals present at the club (Safety Officers) to oversee the sessions and to ensure that all protocols are being adhered to. We are asking for volunteers to step forward to assist us in this process. We are also looking for individuals who would be willing to do some one on one coaching with our members.

 We would appreciate it if you would send your feedback to by Sunday, July 5th regarding your interest in participating in Phase 1 and Phase 2 - modified local games (should we decide to proceed with Phase 2 at some point in time. 

Thank you.