Monday Evening Mixed Pairs


  1. Games to start by 6:30

  2. If unable to play a game as scheduled, two options are available.

    1. Substitutes may be arranged for one or both players.

    2. If the opposition agrees, the game may be rescheduled but must be played prior to the next Monday.  The last game of each schedule must be played as schedules or in advance.

    3. The usual format will be for open pairs, but if both teams would like to play a game as 2-4-2, go right ahead.

  3. If substitutes are not arranged or if the opposition is unable to accommodate rescheduling of a game, the game wil be defaulted in favour of the opposition.  In either case the opposing team should be notified in advance.

  4. All games are 12 ends.  If the score is even after 12 ends, the game is considered a TIE.  An extra end is not required.

  5. A scoreboard will be posted.  The skip is responsible to enter a W for a win, WD win by default, L for a loss, LD for a loss by default or a T for a tie immediately following the game.  In case of rain, all games will show 'R' on the chart.  Scores are not required.

  6. Points will be awarded as follows: W or WD - 3;    T -  2;     L - 1;     LD - 0.

  7. If the Monday PM games are cancelled, all teams will be awarded 0 pts., including those teams who rescheduled their game.

  8. After the round robin is complete for each half, the bottom 2 teams from Divisions A & B go down to the next division.  The top 2 teams from Divisions B & C go up to the next division.

  9. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the half, the win/loss record between the teams will be used to break the tie.  If still tied, the team with the most W's will win.  WD's will not be counted to break the tie.

  10. Practise on the rink assigned for a scheduled game is not appropriate.  

  11. As competitive as this event may be, good sportsmanship, courtesy, fair play and mutual enjoyment of the game should prevail.

"Now have a good time!"

Convenor: Karen Bendall

Please check the chart set up by the Social Director indicating the date that your team is responsible for making coffee, tea as well as goodies for the social time following the evening of bowling.