Board Member Job Descriptions from the PLBC Policies and Procedures



            1.   President

            ●  Provide leadership and direction to the Board

            ●  Preside over all meetings of the Board

            ●  Responsible for the outline of all Board meeting agenda

            ●  Serve as ex-officio member of all other PLBC committees

            ●  Serve as a signing officer of the Club

            ●  Arrange and host annual membership meeting and banquet

            ●  Responsible for the annual budget with input from the Directors on Board

●  Facilitate the appointment of PLBC representatives and chairperson to the Joint Board of the McDonnel Street Activity Centre with the PLBC Board approval

●  Attend the meetings of the Joint Board of the McDonnel Street Activity Centre with non-voting rights.

            ●  Serve as sole spokesperson for PLBC with partners, associations, governments, media, etc., unless otherwise delegated

●  Review tournament schedule with Tournament Director for current and subsequent year proposed dates.  Submit to the Joint Board of McDonnel Street Activity Centre for co-ordinating the PLBC and MSAC Event Bookings.


            2.   Vice-President (Ways and Means Director)

            ●  Assume the role of the President in his or her absence

            ●  Chair the Ways and Means Committee

            ●  Chair the House and Rules Committee

            ●  Overall responsibility for Club fund raising activities, grants and cost-saving initiatives, sponsorship's, advertisements

            ●  Oversee green rates and usage, including promotional efforts


            3.   Secretary

            ●  Serve as recording secretary at all meetings of the Board and membership,taking and maintaining appropriate minutes

●  Retain current and accurate copies of all organizational documents including a membership registry, Board and membership meeting minutes, reports, By-      Laws, and the Organizational Policy and Procedures Guide

            ●  Maintain official Club correspondence and deal with all correspondence not otherwise delegated, such as Care

            ●  Issue appropriate notice of membership meetings and certain motions as prescribed in the By-Laws

            ●  Prepare and distribute the agenda for all Board and membership meetings

            ●  Serve as a signing officer of the Club

            ●  Provide orientation to all new Board members

            ●  Responsible for appointing Historian and for gathering and maintaining Club archival memorabilia in the Club’s designated area


            4.   League Director

            ●  Serve as Chair of the Bowling Committee and as a member of the Social Committee

            ●  Appoint a designate or attend Membership Committee meetings

●  Generally responsible for the bowling programs at the club, including league structure, junior and special needs programs, broad-based rules and policies(e.g., sparing, etiquette, game times, play direction, etc.)

            ●  Overall responsibility for Green allocation and schedules

●  Responsible for obtaining representatives for League conveners and reporting at the Annual General Meetings

●  Assist Tournament Director in recruiting members to serve as representatives to District and O.L.B.A. meetings

            ●  Record and acknowledge accomplishments of PLBC

●  Responsible for the publicity of the Club league tournament events and competition results

            ●  Oversee Club Bowling seminars, instructional clinics, and training


            5.   Tournament Director

            ●  Serve on Bowling Committee and as the vice chair of the Social Committee

●  Overall responsibility for tournaments, O.L.B.A., and other events, in conjunction with Greens and Membership Directors

●  Responsible for obtaining representatives for tournament conveners, scorers, and reporting at Annual General Meetings

            ●  Recruit members to serve as representatives to District and O.L.B.A. meetings

            ●  Record and acknowledge accomplishments of PLBC

            ●  Responsible for the publicity of Club tournament events and for competition results

            ●  Responsible for engraving of winners names on trophies

●  Prepare tournament schedule in conjunction with the President for coordination with Joint Board of McDonnel Street Activity Centre and send to District 14 Secretary when finalized

●  With Board approval, update OLBA Template of tournament schedule and send for submission to OLBA Annual


            6.   Greens and Property Director


  • Serve as Chair of the lawn bowling Greens and Property Committee

  • Responsible for interior and exterior lawn bowling buildings, maintenance, and improvements including the Club bowling equipment

  • Responsible for external grounds conditions, lawn cutting, shrubs, trees, cleanliness, gardens, parking lot, garbage, recycle, green waste, benches, purchase, and maintenance and installation of  signs

  • Negotiate contract with Pro Shop Supplier

  • Serve as member of the Bowling Committee

  • Responsible for negotiation of the Green's Keeper contract

  • Supervise the Green's Keeper and oversee responsibilities in that individual's contract

  • Responsible for green conditions and usage. Overall responsibility for the Greens, the Greens’ allocation, and the Greens’ equipment and shall work within the framework of the Bowling Committee to resolve any scheduling issues between the various leagues.

  • Attain a good working knowledge of Greens’ Keeping and maintenance practices in order to be able to communicate with hired staff and members and answer questions knowledgeably

  • With Board approval, hire a licensed consultant to advised, purchase, and apply chemicals for the greens, as necessary


            7.     Membership Director


  • Serve as Chair of the Membership Committee

  • Administer established membership categories, fee structure, payments, arrears, refunds and make periodic recommendations regarding appropriate changes

  • Manage the registration of voters at membership meetings

  • Responsible for the form and content of the Membership Application

  • Arrange and oversee the annual spring mailing of the Application Form and newsletter

  • Responsible for the Membership advertising campaigns and promotional information

  • Identification of target markets for promotional efforts

  • Tracking the fees and programs of other lawn bowling clubs (obtain information from District meetings or reps)

  • Participation in O.L.B.A. / BCB membership development programs, recruitment initiatives, e.g., annual Open House, new-member orientation and integration

  • Retention of existing members (e.g., measurement of turnover rates)

  • Surveys of new and departing members

  • Maintain and distribute membership information/database as appropriate

  • Assist in the general identification of club volunteers

  • Administer the Club’s volunteer recognition program (including Honorary memberships)

  • Respond to public requests for membership information


            8.   Social  Director


  • Serve as Chair of the Social Committee

  • Responsible for scheduling of members to kitchen duties for scheduled, social events and tournament games

  • Responsible for purchasing food for bowling functions required during bowling season

  • Oversee the establishment of food and beverage prices for lawn bowling functions, and brings any changes to the Board for approval

  • Reconcile kitchen receipts, keep records of lawn bowling kitchen activities and complete deposit summary of money to treasurer


            9.   Finance Director / Treasurer


  • Serve as Chair of the Finance Committee

  • Serve as a member of the Greens and Property Committee

  • Serve as a signing officer of the Club

  • Responsible for annual financial review, financial reporting, financial procedures, systems and controls

  • Responsible for the Club’s insurance coverage including Property, Liability, and Directors

  • Shall keep, or cause to be kept, full and accurate accounting records with respect to all financial transactions of the Club, including records of all monies received and disbursed

  • Shall record all revenue, expenses, capital expenditures, assets and liabilities, and all other transactions which may affect the financial position of the Club.

  • Supervise the care and custody of all the funds and securities owned by the Club, and the lodging of these funds or securities in the name of the Club in such chartered bank or financial institution as the Board may direct

  • Submit membership fees to OLBA on a timely basis and submit final membership numbers.

  • Provide to the Board an account of all transactions occurring in connection with the affairs and financial position of the Club.

  • Perform such other duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the Board.

  • Maintain updating of “Quick Books” software programming.


10. Publicity Director


  • Responsible for the advertising campaigns and promotional information

  • Preparation of press releases for local media

  • Submit score results for league and tournament play

  • Tournament results must be submitted to the director to be reported

    • Supervise the content and presentation of the material on the bulletin boards

  • Responsible for advising when photographs are required