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About Our Sport

Lawn Bowling is a sport with universal appeal that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. It is a healthy, social, outdoor activity that provides hours of fun and gentle exercise improving flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and general fitness. 


The Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where even novices with minimal instruction can immediately enjoy a level of play that is rewarding and fun. 


We make it very affordable with our modest membership fees, free lessons for beginners, and generally no special clothing requirements or upfront equipment costs.  We also offer a Pay-as-you-Play option for those who want to try out our sport. All fees will be applied against full membership fees. 


Games last about two hours, are offered days and evenings and are played on manicured grass, called bowling greens, for which we in Peterborough are known as having one of the finest. 


And whether you want to play competitively or just to have fun, the Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club has a place for you.

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