League Schedule: Please arrive 15 minutes before start time.  This allows time for the convenor to organize the teams and for the players to get the equipment set up on the rink.

Monday Evening - Mixed Pairs


Start Time:  6:30 pm


Team/Snack Schedule


Rules of Play: Monday Evening Mixed Pairs


Convenor:  Sally Radigan

Tuesday Evening 4-3-2-1


Start Time: 6:30 pm


Convenor: TBD

Thursday Morning 4-3-2-1


Start Time: 9:30 am


Rules of Play: 4-3-2-1


Convenor:  Betty Wade

Friday Morning Mixed Triples Jitney  


Jitney is a lawn bowling term for a pick-up game or tag play.  In jitney-style play you don't belong to a team and you will be playing with different people every time. 


Start Time: 9:30 am


Rules of Play: Triples Jitney 

Convenor: TBD 

Leagues 2021

Our leagues begin the last Monday in May and run until the end of September. The lawn bowling season is split into schedules with nine games in each schedule.  All of our leagues are included with your membership.  

Monday Morning - Mixed Triples 


Start Time: 10:00 am (first schedule), 9:30 am (second schedule)


Team Schedule


Rules of Play: Morning Mixed Triples


Convenor:  Deanna Shannon